One of the best ways that people can adopt to support black people is through shopping from black-owned online businesses. This is difficult, especially during these tough times when the world is going through a coronavirus pandemic attack. Most companies have been closed, and it has become impossible to purchase in person. However, you can still show some support to these black-owned businesses by shopping online. We picked some of the black-owned online stores that you should support.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Finding the best sunscreen might be difficult, especially if you choose one that is not the perfect match for your skin. Instead of giving your face the benefits that it needs, the sunscreen might leave white residues on your face, which can be very embarrassing. The Black Girl Sunscreen was created without the white residue in sunscreens. In addition to that, this sunscreen comes without parabens or any other harmful chemicals. Harsh chemicals cause a reaction to the skin, which may lead to the skin breaking out. Another amazing advantage of buying from this black-owned store is that the Black Girl Sunscreen is cruelty-free and an excellent vegan option.

The Lip Bar

Most cosmetic companies offer many brighter shades of lip gloss or matte lipstick. This makes it challenging to find a more neutral shade that blends well with a black woman’s skin tone. This makes The Lip Bar a perfect alternative to ColourPop and Kylie Cosmetics and other brands. The store is based in Detroit and offers many options for a bunch of shades of lip colors. Furthermore, it also offers “Fast Face Kits,” making it easier and much more interesting to do a perfect full face makeup in less than ten minutes.

Mented Cosmetics

This is also another online store whose owners were frustrated with the difficulty of finding nude lipstick for black women. After doing thorough research and coming to a conclusion, the founders of this company were finally able to come up with perfect nude lipsticks for black women. Starting with lipstick, the brand grew to different types of makeup products. All the makeup products, including the lipsticks, are available in all shades for everyone. This makes Mented Cosmetics the best place to search for a perfect lipstick and other makeup products.

BLK & Bold

This is a black-owned business that specializes in coffee and tea brand. Five percent of the profits yielded from BLD&Bold are donated to aid-risk youths. There are different types of coffee in this company with different flavors to select from, but with the help of the customer support system, you can be guided on how to narrow down to the coffee of your preference. You can also subscribe to this product to get recurring orders.

The Bark Shoppe

If you are looking for the best shop for your furry friend, then this is definitely the best black-owned online store to buy from. The Bark Shoppe is based in New York and is basically a pet care facility. It has a wide range of products to choose from for your pet. Also, the black-owned online store offers numerous products that can help in building a strong bond and perfect relationship between you and your pet. It is the best place to go to for any pet care product.


Purhome is a good home cleaning product that is found in black-owned online stores. This store focuses on detergents and other cleaning products. The products created in this online store are non-toxic. This means that they are not poisonous and do not cause any form of harm to the users. It is also not cruel on hands or clothes, making laundry experience perfect.

Form Beauty

Some people find black women needing more hair products because of their hair texture, volume, and length as compared to any other person. Getting a hold of the best product in the market can be very challenging, especially since you might not have an idea of what works best for you. Form Beauty is a black owned online store that deals in hair care products for women with coiled or curly hair. This does not matter whether or not you wear your hair straight or natural.

Spoiled Boutique

Spoiled Boutique is a black-owned business that is based in Oakland. It also gives you access to shop for products online and get them delivered to your doorstep. It offers a monthly subscription box with full customized outfits. In addition to that, the business also completes the outfit with beautiful accessories and a purse to match the whole outfit for a month.

Royal House of Wraps

This is an online store that mostly deals in head wraps and face masks. The company is based in Los Angeles. The products in the store are handmade, and buying from this store is one of the best ways to appreciate one’s talent and support the black community, especially during these tough times of the coronavirus pandemic.


This is a personally owned business which is founded by Dorcas. She is a self-taught artist and entrepreneur whose main aim is uplifting black people, especially black women. Black people face discrimination and racism almost everywhere they go. Dorcas aims at changing this perspective by starting with uplifting women.

In conclusion, supporting black-owned online stores is one of the most significant ways of building a relationship with different people. It is a way of showing love, dedication, and commitment to the black community.

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