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If the thought of starting an online store has crossed your mind, then you might be wondering which platform you should choose from. This is because Shopify and WooCommerce are the top e-commerce platforms in the world. However, each platform has its advantages and disadvantages, and settling for one means that you will choose one platform that serves your business well.
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Although the coronavirus and its effects will linger past 2020, the impact will not permanently change the need for consumers to purchase goods and services. The same is true for clothing as the fashion industry is poised for a major boost once the lockdowns are over. This means that understanding how to start selling clothes online may be your ticket to considerable success.
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2020 will be the year remembered for the massive worldwide shut down due to the coronavirus. The impact of the quarantine will be felt for years, but the good news for businesses that survive is the infrastructure is still intact, particularly on the internet. Understanding how to grow online sales to help boost profits will be crucial in getting your business back on track.
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Of the many different industries that are being enhanced by the internet, the sale of food directly to the consumer is one of the most interesting. Chipolte Mexican Grill, a popular franchise across the United States has teamed up with Shopify, one of the largest online retailers to provide consumers with the means to purchase […]
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One of the best ways that people can adopt to support black people is through shopping from black-owned online businesses. This is difficult, especially during these tough times when the world is going through a coronavirus pandemic attack. Most companies have been closed, and it has become impossible to purchase in person. However, you can still show some support to these black-owned businesses by shopping online. We picked some of the black-owned online stores that you should support.
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Trying to manage your personal finances is an incredibly difficult task for anyone, but small business owners have even more challenges than the rest of the population. Along with needing to keep track of their own expenses and income, they also have to keep track of the same things for an entire business. Keeping track of every one of these transactions can be incredibly tedious, but Microsoft has recently introduced a new program that could help make this process exponentially easier.

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