Curve is a banking platform that helps its users to consolidate all of their bank cards into one app is running a test to become a service to provide installment payments.

A new feature is being tested in Curve

A new feature “Curve Credit” is being tested on a small number of customers, prior to a full launch. The full launch of “Curve Credit” is expected later this year. It will offer credit on the purchases via their Curve Card in the form of installments. 

The basic idea behind this offer is to provide an alternative to other types of online banking platforms as well as to compete with other “Buy now, Pay later”  companies such as Klarna or Affirm. But unlike their competitors, Curve doesn’t require merchants to support Curve Credit at checkout. Although direct merchant partnership can bring additional perks to users can also use their debit cards to access this feature.

The latest Curve Credit functionality is enabled by the “Go Back in Time” technology, which can allow you to switch the bank card or account that you used to pay, retroactively. 

A full launch of this feature is expected to happen by the end of this year after the FCA authorization will be granted.

Curve Credit has opened up new visions for credit providers 

Apparently, the Curve Credit vision has opened up new ways for other banks and credit providers to operate as an effective part of the marketplace offerings. When a curve user is going to split transactions into various installments, she can choose curve credit or another lender integrated into this platform. 

Paul Harrold, a former SAV credit member, is in charge of the Curve Credit feature. He previously served at Google as the Credit and risk advisor and has a great experience in the financial industry and fintech services. 

The Curve Credit is an effective example of a self-described banking platform, which offers super innovative functionality. Even more, it shows the ambition of the company to become a financial control center for users coming into focus. 

Just like other fintech companies, Curve is also looking for better ways to fill the gap with a platform meant to re-bundle different financial products but to put users in control of their funds.

Get your complete spending information in a single view 

With Curve, it is possible to view the card spending and see where the money is stored in a single view. This single view is paired with the user’s Curve App and card.

The Curve Credit feature will include lower fees while spending foreign currency, send notifications, allow peer to peer payments from associated bank accounts, and have the capability of switching payment sources.

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