Many companies, both small and huge corporations, have adopted the modern way of marketing which is doing business through an online platform. This is commonly known as e-commerce.  Goods or services can be viewed by respective clients and are purchased on the same platform. The buying and selling of products over the internet require one to know the basics of how to transact over the online platform.

For one to sell online, he must have goods or offer services that he knows people will want to buy. Selling on Amazon requires you to have a rough idea of what other successful sellers are doing to increase their sales on the platform. Once you have the essential tips, you can start selling on amazon successfully. Some of the steps that you can consider include the following.

Choose a selling plan

This is the very first step that you have to take before you start selling. The selling plan you choose will determine how much you pay for every product that you sell. Amazon has two selling plans. The first is the individual plan, which charges you for every item that you sell. The second is the professional plan, which charges you once regardless of how many products you sell.

Consider your selling strategy

There are two main selling strategies that you can adopt to start selling on Amazon. These are the product owner strategy and the reselling strategy. The product owner strategy is where you manufacture your product from scratch or provide private labeling for the product so that the buyers can associate you with a type of product and you can achieve uniqueness. Reselling, however, is a strategy where you find products that already exist and are accessible on amazon to sell. You can choose from either of the strategies that work well for your business or even do both.

Create a seller account

After you have selected the selling plan and the strategy, you can then proceed to create your seller account. Creating a seller account mainly requires the email address that you wish to use for your business. You will also need:

  • A chargeable credit card that will help pay for the selling plan of your choice;
  • A government recognized identification. This is used to protect both the buyers and the sellers using the platform;
  • Updated tax information;
  • A phone number that you can be easily reached on;
  • A working or new bank account where amazon will be sending the profits from your sales.

Track sales

You can use the Amazon mobile app to assist you in tracking your sales, to capture professional pictures to respond to customer’s questions and feedback and to find the variety of products that you can sell on the platform. This helps you to stay on track and up to date with the new products in the market.

Select and add products to your account

Adding a product to your account is done after you have researched a product and found what works for you. There are some categories on Amazon that can be accessed by all sellers, whereas there are others that require the use of a professional account. You can only sell a product with a trademark or copyright if you are the owner of the brand, or you must have the authorization to sell that particular product. You need to create the category of the product, add details to it so that the buyers will easily find and locate it, and then build a detailed page for the product. This will include the title, image, offers, and the description of the product. Use keywords that will help customers to search for your product quickly.

You can only sell a product with a trademark or copyright if you are the owner of the brand, or you must have the authorization to sell that particular product.

Attract your customers

Once you have added your products to your account and it is now live and visible to all clients, you can attract your customers in various ways, some of which include the following.

Fast shipping: every client wants to receive their goods on time, and they will choose the supplier who guarantees that advantage and has been rated positively by different buyers of the same product. You can do this by finding a supplier, then shipping the product directly from the supplier to the Amazon FBA warehouse for fast delivery.

Advertise your offers: people would want to know the kind of offers that you have at a particular time on different products. Use the product page for advertising your product so that people will easily see it when they click on that specific product.

Pricing: Ensure that you set competitive pricing. For you to do this, you must know how much other sellers are selling the same product. The price that you set for your product should help you stay competitive in the market and should be the best price because it is what customers look for in a product.

Grow your Amazon sales

Amazon Seller Central

The moment you make your first sale on Amazon, and it yields positive results, it allows you to grow your business. You are in a position where you understand the kind of products your clients prefer and how to improve on that particular product. Amazon provides you with tools that can aid in taking your business to the next level.

Get customer reviews. Reviews help in growing your business because the feedback left on the platform with different clients will help you determine whether or not the customers are satisfied. Customer satisfaction should be the foundation of every business because it is the clients who form a business, and without them, you have no business. New buyers will read the reviews before purchasing your product, and positive feedback means that you will have increased sales, which will, in turn, grow your Amazon sales.

Selling on Amazon guarantees you a worldwide market and enables you to build a business that can be accessed from anywhere. Selling on amazon also means that people will get access to your products from anywhere in the world, and this will take your business to an international level.

In conclusion, selling on Amazon is very profitable because the platform offers you with various tools that you require to stay in the market. In addition, searching for a product first before deciding to sell it is a great way to increase your sales and attract new clients, because you know the risks and rewards associated with purchasing the product. 

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