2020 will be the year remembered for the massive worldwide shut down due to the coronavirus. The impact of the quarantine will be felt for years, but the good news for businesses that survive is the infrastructure is still intact, particularly on the internet. Understanding how to grow online sales to help boost profits will be crucial in getting your business back on track.

Lessons Learned from SARS
Back in 2003, the SARS epidemic threatened to become a worldwide pandemic much like the coronavirus. And while it managed to be contained, the areas that were affected suffered a similar lockdown environment as being experienced today.
What was learned from that experience was that businesses that continued to innovate. The internet which was still in its infancy in terms of online sales exploded as many Chinese companies expanded their reach online. The result was that Asian consumers and business owners went online which created a generation of internet shoppers.
And while many people around the world shop online already, those numbers may expand considerably thanks to the lockdown. What follows are some tips you can follow to take advantage of potential new trends in shopping.

The urge to get your store back up to pre-coronavirus status is probably overwhelming. But you will have to consider that many people are still in lockdown mode. Until a vaccine is developed and effectively distributed, many people are going to remain at home, limit going out, and spend less if their jobs were affected.
You will need to be patient during this time, but that does not mean you should be inactive. Search for ways to limit cost while creating more opportunities for customers to shop at your store.

Create Greater Access
Staying safe means staying away from other people. This means that shopping at home is far safer compared to going out to a store. Look for ways you can improve access to your online store by doing the following.
• Simplifying the shopping experience;
• Improving online navigation;
• Create a fast checkout method;
• Use a responsive website design.
A responsive website works on screens of any size which makes access easier for your customers. The more convenient you make your online business, the easier it will be for customers to keep making purchases.

Build a Multichannel Approach
In other words, combine your physical and online services into one. This means that customers will feel more comfortable either entering your store or shopping online. By taking this approach, you create a better customer experience whether they are in your store or accessing it on the internet.
The seamless combination of both physical and digital services is happening today. The lockdown and its aftermath may accelerate this trend considerably By taking advantage of new technology and combining it with tried-and-true sales methods, you can increase your sales both at the store and online.
The fundamentals of how to grow online sales have really not changed a considerable amount. But it will take adjusting your sales expectations and trying different techniques to reach consumers who are still recovering from the impact of the coronavirus shutdown.

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